Your home is your sanctuary, your private space, and your investment – but is it also your castle? Do you feel safe and secure in your home, or is there anything you could do to increase your home’s security? Unfortunately, you could be a victim of crime wherever you live, but luckily there are simple strategies to fix your home so you’re not the next burglary target. Take a look at six crucial ways to beat thieves and intruders and enjoy peace in your place.


1. Think Like a Thief

Take a good, long look at how your home is set up and observe any security issues that could affect your property. Consider the different ways your home could be broken into and write down any areas of weakness.

2. Lock Your Doors and Windows

Okay, so it sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised by how many people seem to think they can leave doors and windows unlocked and are then shocked that someone entered the house and stole items. Opportunistic thieves will not hesitate to try your home for size if it is unlocked. Don’t forget your garage doors. Leaving garage doors open at night or during the day provides easy access for burglars. Also, lock the door that leads from the garage into the house.

3. Buy Secure Doors and Windows

Look at your exterior doors and see if they are good enough to prevent unwanted access. If you can, invest in high-quality composite doors from a professional supplier. Thin, flimsy doors provide ideal access opportunities for criminals. When your house is equipped with solid and secure exterior doors, you can rest more peacefully at night.

4. Leave Lights and Equipment on a Timer

Invest in a timer switch that controls the lights and the TV or stereo so they turn on and off at random intervals when you are out at night. A thief who sees a lit house will probably move on to an easier target. Remember to close the curtains at night or during the day if you are going to be out all day and into the evening.

5. Don’t Leave Keys or Notes Outside

Many people have gotten into the habit of leaving a spare key in a “safe” place outside, like under the mat or in a flower pot. Credit a burglar with at least a little intelligence – these are the first places anyone would look. Don’t leave a key outside; leave it with a neighbour or friend instead. And don’t pin notes to the door for the delivery man saying “be back in five minutes” or something similar. A thief may take a chance, thinking you are out of the house.

6. Install Security Lighting

Keep the outside of the property well lit at night with lights placed around the house. It is a good idea to install one light on a motion sensor so that you don’t waste electricity and it is triggered when someone steps onto your property. Set it properly so that pets and other animals don’t cause false alarms.

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