When you undertake a new redecoration project to improve your home, it is (normally) planning that can take the longest to complete but is NEARLY ALWAYS the most important.

Choosing the right flooring is no exception but done correctly, it can transform your rooms with a subtle and effective look to suit any tastes. Carpeting offers the most variety for a room by offering thousands of colour options tailor-made to match your requirements.

Before venturing out to carpet stores in your area, ensure you have the room mapped out on paper with the correct measurements. When you are in the store, it is worth comparing the styles and designs you prefer and asking the agent about the density of the fiber or pile of the carpet. The higher the density, the longer the carpet will last however its worth making sure that the highest fiber doesn’t look out of place in your setup.

Ensuring a carpet has the longest life is important and a quality underlay is essential and also insulates against noise and cold. The carpet would also become skid proof in this instance and creates protection from harsh surfaces notably concrete flooring.

Maintenance is also key to prolonging the life of your carpet and maintaining its colour. Vacuuming removes 80% of dirt, dust and soil in your carpet. The other 20% is often grease, oils and starches.

When you notice a stain, never rub vigorously at the mark as this may cause the stain to remain permanent. This also damages the fibres in the carpet ensuring the carpet wears out quicker. The best practice is to place a towel or cloth over the stain and weigh it down with something heavy overnight. This will soak up most of the liquid, then try cleaning most stains with just water. Otherwise, use the appropriate product for the appropriate stain. There are products such as Stain Devils in stores but there is alsoinformation available online detailing formulas to create stain removers using everyday products you can find at home.

There has been a significant rise in underfloor heating recently and many new homes are being constructed to include systems to heat your homes without radiators taking up wall space.

There are two types of underfloor heating, a “wet” system which uses pipes of warm water to heat your floor or a “dry” system which consists of electric ribbons woven into mesh mats that lie underneath carpet to provide heat electrical underfloor heating.

“Wet” systems are cheaper to run and more environmentally friendly however take longer to heat a room than a “dry” system, so it is down to personal choice and preference to decide on which system is right for you.