You are dreaming of your very own kitchen island, but do not have the extra funds lying around to make that dream a reality with fancy shmancy ones. Do not let that stop you from making it happen, instead make an island yourself. This will significantly cut down the cost, and still give you what you need.

To build the island start with a stainless steel trolley, and a large slab of butcher’s block. Assemble in a way that is either temporary or permanent depending upon your situation. If you think you will be switching it out in the somewhat near future, then you may be able to use these pieces for another purpose at that point, and want to leave them in a reusable state. Otherwise, if you are planning to use it to cut on, or actively work on, then you should make it sturdy and safe.

Of course, you can get creative and switch up the base that we have recommended, or the top. Your style kitchen might be more in keeping with stone, or another material that will match what you already have going on. Or, if you are the crafty sort, you might undertake building a base yourself.