There are things you can do to help and avoid clogged drains. While you may already know some of these, a quick run through seems prudent. Do not overload your garbage disposal. Actually, it is altogether better if you never put table scraps down the drain, but put them right in the trash can instead. Keep all grease far far away from your drain. Keep empty yogurt, and butter containers to pour grease into and then dump with your garbage.

In fact, there are even things that are recommended that you do when you have a party. It is a good idea to place a trash can in your bathroom so that guests will not look to put napkins, paper towels or other inappropriate items down the toilet. And, do not leave anything on the back of the toilet that could get knocked in the drain. Because, not only is it entirely possible it will clog the drain, but also that the guest might not tell you what they have done. So, you only learn something is lodged in there when a real problem arises.