Getting the flooring right makes all the difference to a room. Replacing carpeted areas or old flooring can spruce up a home or give a new sheen to a property before it goes on the market. At UK Flooring Direct it is possible to choose from popular budget-friendly options such as vinyl and laminate, or choose from solid wood floors for a truly authentic look.

Types of wooden flooring vary a great deal. Often a practical solution, vinyl is resistant to scratching and water, making it an obvious choice for the bathroom. Kitchens can do well out of of vinyl as it wipes clean and is made to last. There are a whole range of colours and styles available, many of which are made to resemble tiles, boards or stone flagging, so you can match the existing look of the room to the new floor.

Laminate is a step up from vinyl if you wish to put down something a bit more solid but are looking for a mid-range price tag. It costs less than solid flooring and is far less laborious to install, but retains the look of genuine wood. Laminate can be good for a busy family home as it will not scratch as easily as wood. Within the laminate group there is scope for buying cheaper or more expensive goods, which naturally depends on budget. Low cast laminate can result in a shiny, less authentic effect.

To install flooring on top of an existing layer or sub-floor, engineered wood flooring might be the best option. Composed of three layers of wood, with a real wood veneer on top, engineered wood is a stronger solution than solid wood but is fairly quick to put down. Because of its uppermost layer, the floor can be re-treated easily and it will not be affected by changes in temperature, unlike many solid floors.

Some homeowners do prefer a solid wood floor to other types, however. Solid wood is a desirable option for a living area, providing the freedom to choose a wood that matches the interior décor. Notwithstanding this, real wood should be avoided in damp areas as it can swell or warp. It is a good idea to be selective if going for this option and judge which level of hardness will best suit the room.

Generally speaking, the process of installing a floor has become less time-consuming and more budget-friendly in recent decades. If you’re prepared to pay for solid wood, it can create an impressive result, but many consumers today prefer low-cost alternatives that can be more hard-wearing and equally attractive.