Choosing the right curtains for your home makes a tremendous difference to the atmosphere and ambiance of the room. With so many different colours and style to choose from, such as those offered by Terrys Fabrics UK you should take your time and make sure your final decision is the right one. Getting it wrong can upset the balance in a room or simply create the wrong atmosphere.

Deciding on Purpose

Before going out and making an expensive curtain purchase, decide how the curtains will be used and what is their main purpose.

Some curtains are purely decorative, to soften the hard lines of the window opening, or disguise less than perfect corners in plastering or woodwork. Curtains chosen for decorative purposes may not even need to close. For instance, cottage-style curtains in a kitchen may be there purely for effect, with a separate blind for privacy or to shut out the night when the sun sets.

Living room or bedroom curtains may be chosen for their thermal properties as well as their decorative features, but consider also how much time you’re willing to invest in opening and closing them. Simple styles, maybe with straightforward tiebacks, are quick and easy to swish back and forth, but more elaborate styles may need to be teased into place if they’re to look their best. Matching your style of curtains to your lifestyle is also important if you’re not to end up frustrated with maintaining a look.

Choosing Colours

No matter what your favourite colour is, there will be a curtain selection to match it. It’s not quite that easy though. Choosing a colour that’s too dark can make a small room seem even smaller. Similarly, choosing a dark colour for curtains when you also have dark carpeting or furnishings can make the walls seem to close in.

Pale colours can open up small rooms and make them seem bigger, but too much pale fabric against pale walls and with pale furniture makes the room seem cold and uninviting. Choosing colours that contrast with wall colours or furnishing, rather than match them, is one way of controlling the appearance of the dimensions in a room.

Sticking to Budget

Curtains can be expensive. Deciding on a budget, then being willing to compromise on fabric or features helps narrow the search and makes shopping easier. By choosing colour and style carefully and sticking within budget, selecting curtains needn’t be a chore.