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The world is changing rapidly and with over 7 billion humans living around the globe, the food supply is being stretched further than expected and the price of distribution of food is an absolute nightmare not only for governments, but for personal budgeting.  One of the most sensible ways forward is to teach children how […]

If I were to be completely honest, I would have to admit that in the first three flats I lived in I didn’t have a nightstand. So, I expect it goes without saying that it took me some time to not only acquire one of them, but a pair. Why, well I was trying to […]

The buzz words continue to be green, and eco. Many of us try to do our part to be kinder to ourselves and the planet with products that are environmentally friendly. Yet, I hear relatively little on the subject of cookware in this context. What does constitute healthy cookware? How do we green our cooking […]

Style, it has been claimed, is what many individuals crave, and only a few can generate. I simply do not agree, but at the same time acknowledge it is actually irrelevant. Why you ask? Well, think about all those designers and decorators who are said to have the ability to create a style, and then […]

Apparently baby oil is not just for softening skin anymore. Instead you can use it to polish chrome, detangle necklaces and get this, remove tar. So take out that bottle of baby oil, along with a couple of cotton cloths and get ready to be amazed.  I know I was impressed with the fact that […]

It came as a surprise to me that this was not a common idea, but I have learned that most parents do not involve their children in decorating and organizing their rooms. Giving your child work to do in and on their rooms can be the gift of great life skills. First and foremost, they […]

What to Do When You Have Too Many Photos

So you have a huge stack of photos of yourself and your partner, or you and your entire family, but nowhere near the space to spotlight them all. In addition, it would take forever to organize them, print them, frame them, and hang them even if you had the room, or inclination. And to top […]

How to Predict a Colour Trend

As we all know there are colours designated as trendy for each season of every year, we did not all know is that you can buy full fledge reports on this very topic. In one such report you find out what the two major colours are predicted to be, and then over 120 specific recommendations […]

Home 1st

A love for ones home can exist on many different levels. To ensure that you home is one that you adore so much that you actually crave it, proper design and decorating decisions must be made. There are many layers involved, and much love incorporated. But the outcome is a place that everyone is drawn to, and one that feels just right.