The world is changing rapidly and with over 7 billion humans living around the globe, the food supply is being stretched further than expected and the price of distribution of food is an absolute nightmare not only for governments, but for personal budgeting.  One of the most sensible ways forward is to teach children how to produce fruit and vegetables in your garden during the summer and in your greenhouse during the winter, but it all starts with potting and learning how to grow the basics.

If your children are going to learn how to grow fruit and vegetables and plants and fruit trees in the garden, you will need to teach them in a potting playhouse so that as they become older their natural thoughts will be to provide for themselves, rather than taking a trip to the supermarket to buy fruit and vegetables and flowers, many that have travelled halfway around the world to ensure the produce is always there when you want it.

Learning gardening with children

Children just love to learn and whether it’s mathematics as they learn to count their sweets or English as they learn to socialise, they are eager to take information from adults and learning how to grow fruit and vegetables will be an activity they will be pleased to discover from you.

Whether you live in the warmer southern part of Britain or the colder northern part it’s still quite easy to grow flowers and fruit and vegetables all year round in a greenhouse. Of the many games children like playing, turning part of a children’s playhouse into a potting playhouse will make an excellent bond between parent and child.

From the moment you start sowing some seeds, it may only be a week or so before you see some of them sprout and the gardening with children exercise will be well on its way.

Early success will be possible if you choose simple flowers or cucumbers and tomatoes to grow because it’s very difficult to fail with those as your first choice in the potting Playhouse.

Using the children’s Playhouse as a potting Playhouse

Because your children will be playing in their outdoor playhouse regularly throughout the summer, you can set up a very small area as a potting playhouse. This will give them the opportunity to grow 2 or 3 plants and be able to look after them by watering them regularly and checking on them every single day. This will educate the children in taking responsibility to look after their plants in the children’s playhouse.

In a short space of time gardening with children will become a fun occasion and your family and your children will be pleased to show grandparents and uncles and aunts how they should also grow their own fruit and vegetables and plants to save money and help the environment.

These small steps will lead to a great education for your children. If you can install these regular habits into your children, they will automatically pass on the education and learning process to their children.

All you need is a little space in the children’s playhouse, a few small child size tools, some seeds, soil and pots, and your educational process is underway.