If I were to be completely honest, I would have to admit that in the first three flats I lived in I didn’t have a nightstand. So, I expect it goes without saying that it took me some time to not only acquire one of them, but a pair. Why, well I was trying to live within my meager budget limitations, and had already put too much loot into a couple of pieces of furniture. My intention was that I would slowly but surely buy good articles of furniture to keep for a long time, and supplement with some lesser quality ones till I could afford better.

Funny thing is, I just couldn’t bring myself to buy the stuff I knew would be only temporary. It turned out that, if I could not beg borrow or steal it from my parents home and no friends were giving it away, I went without. Which brings me to how I went without any bedside tables for several years. Now some would say this was frugal, prudent, and commendable to live with such restraint. Now, I know it was just plain silly, stubborn or egotistical.

My message to you is to spring for at least one nightstand in your abode. It is tremendously useful. If you purchase wisely, or keep an eye out for discards it can later be used elsewhere in a house. When you get your first set of real bedside tables you can move the old make due one into a hallway, or the entranceway and pop a lamp or vase of flowers on it. Trust me, you can sand it down, paint it or a ton of other things but it won’t be a waste as long as you get one with nice lines, and a stylish quality.