With in the memories that some of us house in our heads we recall a time when vanities were commonplace. It was a period when women had properly allocated space within their bedrooms to neatly layout, and house their creams, lotions, makeup, perfumes, jewelry, hairbrushes, powders, and so much more. If you are unfamiliar with this, imagine an area completely devoted to all the things girls regularly use to make us beautiful, presentable, and pampered.

Though they may not have always been practical, I have never gone without one of these in some form or fashion. But now, I want a real one of my own. To make my vanity table I chose more modern materials than were handy during the vanity tables heyday. It suits the room better, and makes better sense for me. The chair and mirror too are more of a reflection of my style today, than of that of yesteryear and I like it that way.

For I am not attempting to harken back to by gone era, just to retrieve an asset from it. I must tell you, to have all of my tricks of the beauty trade, favourite accessories and fragrances surround me is something I hope never to go without again. Magnifique!