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Growing Old Gracefully

It is no secret that we’re living longer these days than we did 20 years ago. On average, we’ll live to be older than our parents, we’ll be retired for longer and we’ll want greater independence. Just because we’re living longer though, it doesn’t mean that debilitating diseases like osteoporosis and arthritis are getting any […]

Ever since the very first time I came across the term upcycle, I have been an admirer of it, and what it means. I regularly scan magazines, papers and websites for inventive ways to use old stuff and convert it for new uses. I know I am not alone in this new hobby, and as […]

When a room’s decor becomes outdated, or just boring a homeowner may think the only way to fix it is a complete overhaul. The thought of ditching the furniture that presently fills it, along with all the accessories may sound like the only way, but trust me it isn’t. You can make well selected revisions […]

Tips on How to Make a Pot Rack

You have noticed that your kitchen drawers and cabinets are filled to the brim, and yet there is no other storage to be found. Well, instead of looking at what already exists, how about you make storage. No, don’t groan, its simple, and nearly free. Just look up, and chances are you have room in […]

Just can’t bring yourself to throw out your old reading glasses case, those decorative bobby pins, or the last bit in the aerosol can of cooking spray? Glad to hear it, because they all can be used for something other than what you purchased them to do. You can repurpose them, and pat yourself on […]

A New Life For Your Old Desk Organiser

You know that old desk organizer you used to have on your desk for files, well it can be given a new life. Instead of residing on top of a cabinet, make use of it underneath one as a cupboard divider. It may be that it is suitable to house cookie sheets, cutting boards, and […]

Convert Any Room Into a Hobby Zone

So the kiddies have flown the coop, and you find that you have a little extra space on your hands now that they have set out on their own. Maybe it is an extra bedroom, or a playroom, but you are ready to turn it into something special just for you. Some of the most […]

Go From Drab Bedroom to Fab Bedroom

If your bedroom is looking a bit drab, or outdated consider changing you accent colour. Or perhaps you never really even had an accent colour, in which case the options for selecting one is wide open to you. Also, remember it is not required that you only have one accent shade, go for multiple, the […]

Decorate With Shells Like the Pros

Somewhere in your house you probably have a bag of shells you collected on some gorgeous beach. You knew when you picked them up that you just had to have each and everyone of them. But, alas, upon arriving home the rigmarole of everyday life took over and you stashed those shells away to be […]

Home 1st

A love for ones home can exist on many different levels. To ensure that you home is one that you adore so much that you actually crave it, proper design and decorating decisions must be made. There are many layers involved, and much love incorporated. But the outcome is a place that everyone is drawn to, and one that feels just right.