When a room’s decor becomes outdated, or just boring a homeowner may think the only way to fix it is a complete overhaul. The thought of ditching the furniture that presently fills it, along with all the accessories may sound like the only way, but trust me it isn’t. You can make well selected revisions and still achieve the conversion that is desired.

There are two ways I recommend making such a modification, either switch out the headboard and footboard of the bed, or replace all of the bedding. As the bed is the central focus of most bedrooms, we will assume for purposes of this exercise this is the layout of your room. That makes it the clear object to amend. While one person might find the process of selecting a new bed easier than that of choosing new bed linens it is important to identify that both can be dominating enough to institute this improvement.

For those who prefer the replace the bed option, it is vital that you recognize that the new bed be substantially different from the one you already have in place. We are creatures of habit, and it is extremely common for us to gravitate toward what we previously chose. You must commit to something altogether dissimilar to make this successful.

For instance if you have a fabric covered headboard, why not consider a sleigh bed? Or if you have an antique oak bed, a contemporary leather one would definitely make a new statement. Keep this in mind, if you want to make a change, you need to accept change.

Or if you are like me, and are more inspired to replace the bedding then make it count. This is my choice for change because it is more often than not less of an investment, so I can be more relaxed about trying something new. So listen, up this is your chance to be brave, bold or to tone things down if you that is what you seek. The point is that going from one large floral duvet cover to another is not going to cut it here. Moving from that old floral cotton duvet to a monochromatic satin bedset will though.

Now hop to it, you could be sleeping in a made over bedroom in no time at all. But it will require action, and perhaps a bit of that audacious spirit we all carry around within us.