Just can’t bring yourself to throw out your old reading glasses case, those decorative bobby pins, or the last bit in the aerosol can of cooking spray? Glad to hear it, because they all can be used for something other than what you purchased them to do. You can repurpose them, and pat yourself on the back for not having ditched them awhile back.

Take that hard cover reading glass case and make it into your personal manicure kit. The makers of nail files, clippers, and cuticle sticks usually produce them in compact sizes which fit well into the cases. And though I have used a great many things to hold my place in a good book, the whimsical hair pins that I have been told are no longer stylish make me smile when used as bookmarks. I was feeling all to guilty about letting go of the adorable butterfly and flower bud pins, and am really relieved about not having to do so.

The cooking spray, when sprayed lightly over your freshly polished finger nails, or toe nails will lock it in place. It creates a smudge resistant barrier, and cuts down on the amount of time you have to refrain from movement or activity.