You have noticed that your kitchen drawers and cabinets are filled to the brim, and yet there is no other storage to be found. Well, instead of looking at what already exists, how about you make storage. No, don’t groan, its simple, and nearly free.

Just look up, and chances are you have room in your kitchen to hang a pot rack. Great, check you do have the space, but the funds to purchase one are lacking. Fine, just make one yourself.

Think for a minute, what do you have that is not in use, but is still in a good form. Do you have a garden gate, a cake cooling rack, or what about a window frame? All will make grand pot racks. Depending on the state that these items are in, you may want to spruce them up with a coat of paint or two, but other than that cosmetic detail you need little else. All right, you do need chains, and S hooks, but both are readily available, and cheap, cheap, cheap.

But, I think this project should probably come with a warning, once you complete this you are destined to start to look at other articles that are begging to be put to good use in ways you never have before.