Ever since the very first time I came across the term upcycle, I have been an admirer of it, and what it means. I regularly scan magazines, papers and websites for inventive ways to use old stuff and convert it for new uses. I know I am not alone in this new hobby, and as such will be sharing the best ideas I come up with, come across, and attempt with you here.

I have been pretty diligent with not throwing out clothing that has become too thread bear, or worn out to donate. In addition, I am of the type personality that won’t allow for me to leave things lying about in a stack. One too many visits to my friend the hoarder has scared me into a propensity to use it or lose it. Thus, I will admit to having tried a few less than great attempts to upcycle stuff like stockings, bridesmaid dresses, and beach towels. Yet, there were successful projects as well, so I persevere.

This time around, I have set my sights on recycling a batch of jeans I’ve collected from friends and family. Initially, I was going to make decorative pillows for our porch swing. Seemed like a cute enough idea, then it was going to be a bag to carry groceries in, also adorable. And the clock started to tick away in my head that said you’ve held on to this pile of jeans for too long now. Make up your mind, and hop to the part where you generate something of use, or to some other home they must go.

Then right in the nick of time, I found one other way to re-purpose them that I liked best of all. The project I have chosen is to turn the worn to pieces jeans into is an area rug. It appeals most due to the fact that we really are in need of an area rug, and this way we all get to enjoy regular interaction with our retired jeans. To complete the task all you need is to cut the material into strips as long as you want the rug to be, and wide enough to fold the fabric over one time. Then the strips are attached by the simple zig zag stitch. Be aware of the fact that if you do not leave enough space at the ends of the strips you run the risk of them fraying. Thus, you will be left with a mass of shreds instead of the efficient and crafty rug you intended to hand design.