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Conservatories have become increasingly popular and with good reason. They can add essential living space and, if correctly selected and installed, should significantly increase the value of your home, representing a real investment opportunity. However, you may not be the only one who sees opportunity in your conservatory. For thieves, conservatories are sometimes seen as […]

Cleaning and Maintaining Carpet Floors

When you undertake a new redecoration project to improve your home, it is (normally) planning that can take the longest to complete but is NEARLY ALWAYS the most important. Choosing the right flooring is no exception but done correctly, it can transform your rooms with a subtle and effective look to suit any tastes. Carpeting […]

Ever since the very first time I came across the term upcycle, I have been an admirer of it, and what it means. I regularly scan magazines, papers and websites for inventive ways to use old stuff and convert it for new uses. I know I am not alone in this new hobby, and as […]

If I were to be completely honest, I would have to admit that in the first three flats I lived in I didn’t have a nightstand. So, I expect it goes without saying that it took me some time to not only acquire one of them, but a pair. Why, well I was trying to […]

You can cover a bedroom in a pretty pink wash from top to bottom, but without the proper lighting it will never feel romantic. Dusky pink roses in bouquets of twenty placed strategically around the room, and even some of those petals strewn here and there will not do it either, because lighting matters to […]

Far too often people who create home offices forget what a great alternative used office furniture can be. Either they are flustered over the thought of spending money on new furniture, and revert immediately to going the makeshift route with whatever they can pull together from their own attics or basements. Or, they think for […]

The buzz words continue to be green, and eco. Many of us try to do our part to be kinder to ourselves and the planet with products that are environmentally friendly. Yet, I hear relatively little on the subject of cookware in this context. What does constitute healthy cookware? How do we green our cooking […]

When a room’s decor becomes outdated, or just boring a homeowner may think the only way to fix it is a complete overhaul. The thought of ditching the furniture that presently fills it, along with all the accessories may sound like the only way, but trust me it isn’t. You can make well selected revisions […]

Tips on How to Make a Pot Rack

You have noticed that your kitchen drawers and cabinets are filled to the brim, and yet there is no other storage to be found. Well, instead of looking at what already exists, how about you make storage. No, don’t groan, its simple, and nearly free. Just look up, and chances are you have room in […]

There is little connection between utilitarian style sliding doors and romance, in fact I am unable to make even one. So, if you have a space that has such purposeful, but less than sexy style doors covering closets, consider making a move. We recommend replacing them with delicious, and sensual French doors with mirror panels […]

Home 1st

A love for ones home can exist on many different levels. To ensure that you home is one that you adore so much that you actually crave it, proper design and decorating decisions must be made. There are many layers involved, and much love incorporated. But the outcome is a place that everyone is drawn to, and one that feels just right.