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Spending time choosing the right bedroom furniture can help you create the perfect bedroom world and the ideal environment for sleep and relaxation. Whether you want a luxurious feel or improved functionality and whatever budget you have to spend, make sure you consider exactly what you want to achieve. First of all you, need to […]

You can cover a bedroom in a pretty pink wash from top to bottom, but without the proper lighting it will never feel romantic. Dusky pink roses in bouquets of twenty placed strategically around the room, and even some of those petals strewn here and there will not do it either, because lighting matters to […]

There is little connection between utilitarian style sliding doors and romance, in fact I am unable to make even one. So, if you have a space that has such purposeful, but less than sexy style doors covering closets, consider making a move. We recommend replacing them with delicious, and sensual French doors with mirror panels […]

There are several elements that will turn a room into a romantic space, but no matter what you do if the lighting is wrong the vibe will be off. You could get the most enticing set of bed linens, the most desirable of beds, and the whole place could be dripping with romantic notions, but […]

Opulent furnishings and soft colours work magic when placed together to bring about a romantic room. Champagne, roses, and silk are common items found in glamourous romance film scenes and they can be relied upon to compile your dreamy room design too. That is the colour champagne, whether introduced on a lavish satin tufted headboard, […]

Create a Romantic Retreat for Two

When it comes to designing a romantic room, little else can create the perfect ambiance other than the correct lighting. Thus, the ability to dim your lights is essential, and the fixture itself should emanate a lovely charm in order to inspire romance. This is precisely why a chandelier often is first choice in any […]

The Direct Route to a Romantic Room

To create a romantic atmosphere in a room, the instant thought is to use warm and rich colours for your palette. Naturally shades of red come to mind, but be wary that red can be one of the most difficult colours of paint to get right. In fact you should expect to need at least […]

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A love for ones home can exist on many different levels. To ensure that you home is one that you adore so much that you actually crave it, proper design and decorating decisions must be made. There are many layers involved, and much love incorporated. But the outcome is a place that everyone is drawn to, and one that feels just right.