Spending time choosing the right bedroom furniture can help you create the perfect bedroom world and the ideal environment for sleep and relaxation. Whether you want a luxurious feel or improved functionality and whatever budget you have to spend, make sure you consider exactly what you want to achieve.

First of all you, need to choose a style that will help tie your colours and furniture together. Why not look at Scandinavian style chic, retro 50s, minimalist, traditional or an urban steel effect?

The bed is the focal point

The first item of furniture you notice when you walk into a bedroom is the bed, so don’t skimp on this. Go for something large, but make sure it is in proportion to the rest of the room. If you’re short on storage space, a divan bed with drawers is an excellent choice. Other alternatives are large romantic wood sleigh beds, twisted iron frames for an urban feel or sleek and beautiful pines to achieve a traditional ambience. Make sure you also invest in a good-quality mattress that will last and help you get a good night’s sleep.

Co-ordinate the furniture

Once you’ve chosen your style, have a look for coordinating pieces of furniture that you can mix and match to create your own unique look. Consider the size of your room and go for items that fit into the space. There’s no point buying oversized furniture for a small room, as it’ll just end up looking out of place.

Integrated wardrobes usually have excellent storage space, so you can hide away all your clutter to create a minimalist and calming finish. Alternatively, large free-standing wardrobes are an excellent choice if you want to achieve a modern style. Consider the type of finish you want on your furniture; for example, dark woods or veneers, high-gloss whites and creams and mirrored fronts would all create an overall fresh and stylish appearance.

Don’t forget the accessories

The accessories you choose to complement the room can really help to bring everything together. Indulge yourself with luxurious Egyptian cotton, satin or silk bedding, in calming colours that match your colour scheme. Keep your bedside tables free of clutter to maintain the calming environment and use them to display a candle or flowers.

The right furniture does matter if you want the perfect bedroom. Mismatched furniture and an uncoordinated colour scheme not only look wrong, they won’t help you sleep right either.