There are several elements that will turn a room into a romantic space, but no matter what you do if the lighting is wrong the vibe will be off. You could get the most enticing set of bed linens, the most desirable of beds, and the whole place could be dripping with romantic notions, but if the only light you have is too bright, or harsh then it will flop.

Now, you already know from previous posts how important I believe dimmer switches are for overhead lights, so I will not readdress that topic. But, I can concede that if you are unable to set up the dimmer, or uninterested, there are lamps that are equipped to set the mood.  Look for those that cast a gentle illumination, as opposed to actually supplying you with a healthy does of light. Something with a warm glow, or that casts only a soft range of light. If you are unsure of what this would look like, just think of the amount of light a candle, or a group of candles would give off, and the feeling it creates and try to replicate that from a lamp.