There is little connection between utilitarian style sliding doors and romance, in fact I am unable to make even one. So, if you have a space that has such purposeful, but less than sexy style doors covering closets, consider making a move. We recommend replacing them with delicious, and sensual French doors with mirror panels in pace of the window section.

French doors without any inserts are also preferable to the old fashioned accordion, or sliding doors referred to in the beginning. However, we think opting for mirrors makes the best sense as they will open any space up, and provide an interesting visual reflection of the other elements that fill the room.

So, if you make this change in the bedroom, then the beautiful bedding, soft carpet, and abundant curtains will be within vie from different angles. In a dinning room , it is supposed to be wonderful to reflect the food laid out on the table in a mirror. And we think positive energy, and prosperity are very romantic.