You can cover a bedroom in a pretty pink wash from top to bottom, but without the proper lighting it will never feel romantic. Dusky pink roses in bouquets of twenty placed strategically around the room, and even some of those petals strewn here and there will not do it either, because lighting matters to a great degree. So, what are some of the most romantic lights around? Well texture and a bit of glitz is what we always look for.

Take for example the base of an Italian alabaster lamp paired with a ruffled satin lampshade. If you are having the shade made then have the edge done to match any decoration that may exist on the base. If it is scalloped then go for scalloped, if it is delicate then request dainty eyelet. To further embellish, and add more of that lusty accent hanging beads draped from the edge says it all. Or, run a ribbon down the sides and finish off with ribbon roses at the tips. Another wonderful light is the sconce. There are many new ones on the market made to look antique, but if you are able to locate the real deal they will be well worth it as the natural aging and patina, depending on the material they are made of simply can’t be replicated in exactly the